Friends of the Fitzroy

Many of us want to do something to help the Earth. Some causes resonate with each of us more than others, but we all want to make a difference in some way and in our own special places. Rubber vine is Australia’s worst introduced plant and our cause is to eradicate it from the Fitzroy River in the West Kimberley of Northern Western Australia.

You may not know the Fitzroy or the Kimberley. You may visit here or you may live here, or you and your families may have been here for thousands of years, either way the Fitzroy is home to all of us because it is like every other place upon which we depend. Every place on this earth is important for its own sake, but in the end, every place has a part in sustaining us.

This website is about helping us making a difference. It’s about saving this part of the Earth from Australia‚Äôs worst weed. It is about saving it for the plants, for the animals, for us and for the Earth itself, and it’s about you joining us to make that difference.

The West Kimberley Rubber Vine Infestation Area is centered on Willare, and extends 25 kilometres south and upstream to Udialla and 25 kilometres north and down stream to Sawfish Point. Click for Location