Images don’t always get as good as this but we can see “candles” (unopened flowers) on the vine and also flowers which have fallen to the ground. Flowers only stay open for a day so the new higher resolution is so important to potentially “see” candles.

03-09-16-07-34-29.011 copy

Help, help, help.

If you need help with an image to increase your confidence then post the link to the image or your question on Team Chat. The crew will help.

Context, context, context.

Sometimes rubber vine flowers are very obvious and even those new to the game you can be confident, particularly when the shot is directly below the chopper. The more difficult images, where you see a small white target it is all about one thing, context. Look at the possible white flower. Are there other similar white marks around? Do they look like flowers or shiny leaves? Are there just too many shiny leaves around indicating it is not a flower but a leaf? Surrounding a white flower do you see foliage, which might be rubber vine leaves, which is a little different to further out foliage? Remember, with difficult images it is all about context.

This image contains a vine, possibly rubber vine, which is climbing up a tree. There may be a white flower at its top (or it could be part of branch from another tree) and possibly another flower. Yu can tell it is a vine because its foliage is tightly associated with the tree truck and the foliage does not appear to be part of the tree.


Here is strategy which may be helpful and available to you. Check these two images.



Ok, they are the same image. The first is as it was served on the Search Page. The second is rotated to the correct orientation. The brain likes this view better. We could rotate images to the correct orientation, however, to fit correctly on the screen the resultant images would be much smaller. So if you need you could tilt your screen to achieve the same effect. Don’t try this at home on a desktop machine.

In regarding to marking this image, there are two white marks in the past the top of the tree. They look like they could be RV flowers, but what do you think?