Virtual Chopper Observer Licence

Congratulations you passed the rubber vine spotters test and qualify as a Virtual Chopper Rubber Vine Observer.

To start searching you need to register to join Team Aquila.

Observer Notes:

  1. A rubber vine may have only one or many flowers visible. If you think an image contains a rubber vine but you are not certain, then mark it as Possible vine here. Every image marked will be double checked our experienced observers.
  2. Some images appear in the wrong orientation, this is a function of the wide angle lens. If you can, tilting your screen helps.
  3. Remember, million of images have been reduced software to only tens of thousands and there are very few rubber vine left in 265 square kilometres of imagery area. This means we have to search many many images before we find a vine.
  4. You will find comparing your individual search statistics with the Team’s statistics on the Aquila Search Progress page is helpful with your training.
  5. Checking through the Training Images before you start a search session can be helpful to build confidence, so remember you may need to “get your eye in” a number of times before feeling totally confident.
  6. Please contact us anytime for assistance, questions or comments.

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