Virtual Spotter Training – Rubber Vine

Flowering rubber vine are our greatest threat, because if not detected they release seed later in the year so our search target is the white flowers of breeding rubber vine. There are only a few other plants with white flowers in our infestation area and none with flowers the same size as rubber vine. There are local vines with yellow flowers and some plants have leaves, which can also appear whitish. You will learn to ignore those. Sometimes white parts of branches show through leaves and can give the appearance of a white flower.

When you see whitish spots, look at the whole context of the area to see if the spot looks more like part of a branch or shiny leaves or flowers of rubber vine. Rubber vine never has a mass of flowers but more individual flowers of low numbers, usually only up to 10 or so.

  1.   Search through each of the following training images. Give them time to load on the screen.
  2.   Look for white flowers in each image.
  3.   For next image, click right arrow
  4.   When finished, click one option below images